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Destiny - Man’s journey

Philosophy is but the conscious and critical accompaniment of Man’s journeying towards his destiny. This journeying is called religion in many cultures.
– Raimon Panikkar, Religion, Philosophy and Culture, 2000

Acacia: “Destiny.”

I looked at Acacia: “Its like..,” it was on the tip of my tongue.

Having a vocation is something of a miracle, like falling in love.
– H. G. Rickover, Thoughts on Man’s Purpose in Life

“Yes, having a vocation. Panikkar and Rickover grasps it beautifully.”

Acacia eyes once more draw my attention, while I continued: “There is no such thing as distance, concerning love that is.”

The realization that no separation exists between ourselves and our reality, and from that emerges a new consciousness, what I call a new innocence. In broad terms, it emerges from the knowledge of our ‘ignorance’, of knowing that our knowledge does not exhaust knowledge, not because we know ignorance, but because we understand our limitations: it is a consciousness born from a conflict of knowledge. Then we overcome knowledge through a leap of faith, confidence, sensitivity, intuition.
– Raimon Panikkar, The new innocence

Acacia: “What do you mean?”

But my mind became distracted. “The Youth Journal.” I murmured.

There were these wars in far away lands.


The eighties.

Acacia asked again: “What do you mean? What happened?”

( To be continued… )