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The Continent - The Union

Our focus was still strong, but I wanted to disconnect. Still, she somehow penetrated to the deepest realm of intuitive thought.

It was her curiosity that excelled her. She had picked up this name, Victory Knocking.

So the fire of being reached higher.

Acacia: “Love.”

I pushed Acacia’s mind away and slowly let the focus unwind. Her reach was too far within me.

We gently opened our eyes while her words filled the space of the cabin with meaning.

“Triumph starts with her. She brings victory.”

A cushion of warmth welled up and made my body relaxed completely.

Acacia: “Who is she?”

I didn’t want to tell, but a thought crossed my mind, which she picked up.

Lady Doc?” she asked, “The one who showed of the heat?”

It irritated me so I projected a dark cloud in my mind and she felled the irritation, but also the sadness.

I gently rose. The ship that we were one had reached The Continent. It was time to disembark the vessel.

“The Union. An entrepreneur started the European Union,” I said.

Responsibility also implies a commitment to others, or as Confucius taught, each of us is meant to rescue the world. It is the business of little minds to shrink from this task or to go about it without enthusiasm. Neither art, nor science, nor any of the great works of humanity would ever come into being without enthusiasm.
– Admiral H. G. Rickover, Thoughts on Man’s Purpose in Life