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We have…

- A Transition Culture & Transition Towns
- An energy plan: DESERTEC (pdf) & PickensPlan
- Open Source manufacturing group OSCOMAK Semantic Community On Manufactured Artifacts and Know-how”


At the end of his essay - and in his accompanying book, Just Another Emperor: the Myths and Realities of Philanthrocapitalism (Demos/Young Foundation, 2008) - Michael Edwards asks what he calls the $55 trillion question: how will we use the vast amount of new philanthropic resources that will be created in the next fifty years? My instincts tell me that Wikipedia, open source and peer-production may hold part of the answer. The world of the commons has used openness, participation and community to create real and (hopefully) lasting public goods. Why not apply these same principles to improving education, creating low-cost housing or evolving our democracy?

True, using open-source principles to address a wide variety of social needs would require a new kind of foundation. In fact, it would require a whole wave of foundations built from the ground up around the values of openness and participation, and sitting happily on the fuzzy edges between public and private benefit. It would require us to open-source philanthropy. Possible? I think so. And, who knows, maybe some of the so-called philanthrocapitalists might even be willing to help.
– Mark Surman, Philanthropy on the commons, 18 - 04 - 2008

Most importantly, there is you.

You have the bravest heart I’ve ever known
You have the stronguest will I’ve seen
With every step you take you touch my soul
With every breath you will succeed

The soul of an angel
Touched from above
Your spirit is shining
Surrounded by Love

You feel emotions you have never known
There will be questions in your mind
Sister left your side to help you grow
Now she watches while you shine

The soul of an angel
Touched from above
Your spirit is shining
Surrounded by Love
- Paul Oakenfold Lyrics - Soul Of An Angel Lyrics

We have it already.