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Haptonomic grammar and language - Bazaarmodel

When I wrote my thesis Bazaarmodel (2002) it lacked a crucial element: feeling. Without it the Bazaarmodel has no heart, no soul.

Personal circumstances hindered me to write about feeling, and, secondly, I couldn’t find the material, broad in scope and scientifically proven, of the importance of feeling.

But a better word to describe the subjective complexity of our humanness is affectivity. Which encompasses, feeling(s), touch, the touch sense, and much more.

Now, February 2009, I’m greatly relieved that such material is available. That the importance of affectivity is proven. That it plays a crucial role of increasing the quality of contact with ourselves, with others and our environment.

The one who is responsible to the great contribution of affectivity-insight is Frans Veldman and his colleagues.

Frans Veldman is the founder of Haptonomy, the Science of Affectivity. This field would lay bare the haptonomic grammar and language which we all speak, but are oftenly unaware of.

The Science of Affectivity gives the Bazaarmodel its heart, its soul.

All the darkness in the world could not put out the light of one small candle.
– Found on a Holocaust victims headstone

In great gratitude, Joram Zutt