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Story - Raven III _ Ocean of Love, part VII

‘..Our model requires leaders to look at their roles differently. They’re not commanders; they’re not linchpins. Their job is to make the rest of the organization successful. They have to give up power and control to allow this chaotic process to happen, so you get diverse perspectives and teams coming together to make decisions.’

- Terri Kelly (What Matters Now, 2012, page 204)

‘..a Workerless Society.’ - Take the work out of work - ‘..the Art of Being Human’

- Project C - Phase 1

‘..rebuilding the foundations of management thought and practice..’

- «esprit incarné» - ‘..It is impermissible to separate the “mental” or “spiritual” from the “material.” ‘

London, 2005 on a friday

We docked before a large building. On the 33th floor there was the ‘upper management’. We were told that all the floors below the 33th was not a happy place and the 33th floor was just icy cold. The ‘leader’ didn’t really care, not for his clients, nor for his employees.

Although the PR department gushed many words that he did. They made him even speech that way.

It was still a ‘boom’ year and they needed more personnel. They even designated a part of the basement as office space for the new ones, which was us.

So when we entered the building they send us straight to the basement.

‘When you change an organization, you start at the bottom. At the fundamentals, the ‘top’ is a myth.’

Agent Renegade agreed with a smile.

The top. The leader. The boss. But he was too high in the sky, on the 33th. He did look at the stars, but not with his feet on the ground. Worse, he was in a bubble.

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

*** Te Be Continued