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‘It’ came

The satellites have found evidence of magnetic ropes connecting Earth’s upper atmosphere directly to the sun.
– David Sibeck of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. ( Source )

Battle Group Kuribayashi swiftly grouped her space crafts around Manta. Manta relayed to Cyc that it had permission to reboot, to integrate itself with the Global Grid. The Global Grid was 100% NKS, completely organic computing, like a nervous system.

Cyc: “Geipan reports that the space object is non-human. Battle Group Gorshkov shall intervene, escorting the unknown craft out of earth’s vicinity.”

“Thank you Cyc. You may reboot now. Relay all functions to Manta.”

Cyc: “Acknowledged. Rebooting. Estimation offline duration: 15 minutes.”

“Good luck Cyc.”

Cyc was gone for a while. Manta, the space vessel that felt, started to fuse herself with the Earth’s Grid and with us. The space suits that we, me and The Special Agents, wore started to feel differently.

Manta ‘told’ in a way, that Battle Group Gorshkov started to use a more forceful approach towards the strange alien space ship.

Battle Group Rickover was relieved from standby and propelled herself towards the moon, where another Battle Group, Sosabowski, lay in a hold and wait position. Ready to intervene when necessary.

In the background, Our Mother Star became increasingly more active. The Solar Storm intensified.

Manta, floating between the Earth and the Sun, made us sense more. And I sensed ‘It’.

“Initiate procedure Solar Grid.”

Manta acknowledged by warming my hand, just slightly.

‘It’ moved slowly, was everywhere and hidden.

“Ignorance.” I hissed.

Ignorance had crossed the line.

( To be continued… )

That all men should be brothers is the dream of people who have no brothers.
– Charles Chincholles, “Pensees de tout le monde”